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About us

We started TryCloud to fix a part of e-commerce that is fundamentally broken.

When you buy clothes or shoes online, you typically don't really know how they will gonna fit or feel on you. To solve this problem, online retailers offer returns. But returns have two problems: One is that up to 30% online purchases are returned and second, the process is so slow and expensive - for retailers - that many times trashing those items is the only viable solution. As a result: in the US alone, 2021 saw a $23B loss and 6B Lbs of unused product dumped in landfills. On the other hand, an average of 68% of shopping carts are abandoned for reasons that overwhelmingly includes doubts about sizing and returns.

In TryCloud, we are solving this problem with technology, by enabling brands to offer On-demand Try Before You buy experiences. Our technnology, help retailers leverage on their physical proximity with customers (through their physical stores) to start "delivering fitting rooms". The whole experience happens on demand - like when you order a pizza - which means the whole process happens in hours (including same-day re shelving of returned items). Boosting customers experience and reinventing returns.

Our team

As founders we’ve been working together for 15 years in different digital commerce ventures (some successful, some even award-winning, and others total fails!). In e-commerce, we’ve done everything from cross-border trading, full commerce services for global brands and on-demand delivery.

On a personal note, we are all parents (family is perhaps the toughest yet most satisfying venture of all, so we think of it as “track record”). We are also all runners, 3 of us marathoners. Our female leader is the fastest and the only Boston Finisher, so her role came naturally.

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